Welcome – 환영 – Bienvenido – Willkommen

Expat-tern (ˈɛksˌpæɾəɹn) n. – a combination of the words “expat(riate)” and “pattern”, a habit or decision acquired while living abroad and routinely lived by.


Expat-terns is an untraditional travel blog with a focus on food, language, and minority travel.




This blog is simply intended to be a fun, somewhat informative documentation of my journeys wherever I may go.




Expat-terns features not only my own time-tested travel advice (‘My Expat-terns’), but a comprehensive student travel catalogue, Op-Eds, guest writers, recipes and more!




If it has interesting gastronomy, rich linguistic backgrounds, and a spectacular backdrop to boot – I’ll be there.


If you would like to contribute to Expat-terns, let us know; contact us via Twitter, Instagram, or by email – expatterns@gmail.com