¡Estoy en Chile!

Estoy en Chile (I’m in Chile). I have been here for about a full day and so far, I have learned that 1) Hace frío (It’s cold) and 2) it’s also lovely. The Andes are the scenic landscape and backdrop in Santiago. They are ever present with their snow capped peaks. We are stationed in a little, religious hostel all preparing to meet our host families. Already one of the two French students has left to go north into the mountains. Two American students just moments ago boarded a taxi to take them part way to a resort town on the northern coast. There are only six of us left.

This morning we went into a mall in Santiago. It was a bustling, three story complex with every brand imaginable. A post or two ago, I mentioned I believed Chileans like the finer things – this seems to be true. All the shops were elegant and also expensive. Food, however, is cheaper here. I bought a huge bottle of water for only about 800 pesos (it’s about 500 pesos for 1 US dollar). I am so excited to keep exploring this wonderful country and city. A local AFS volunteer informed me that where I’ll be staying (Puente Alto, Santiago) is heavily populated and crowded. Google Images more or less misinformed me. I believed I’d be staying near many vineyards in a small suburb. This is not so, but I am content. I am just so excited to meet my family!

More about Santiago, Chile and my Host Family!
*I am posting this after I have met my Host Family (Just got to the house) – More to come real soon!

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