¡Corte en el estilo de Chile!

Let’s just say if I didn’t look Latin before, I do now! I got my hair cut – with the single intention of making myself look as Chilean as possible. I think it worked. Though I fear it may the Chilean version of the mullet (in the back at least), it has the perfect amount of mohawk for my taste.

Awkward smile and poor lighting – ¡Es un autorretrato (selfie) perfecto! (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

For 8,000 Chilean Pesos (About 15.50 USD), it was a steal. It was an odd experience since unsurprisingly my vocabulary pertaining to cosmetics in Spanish is lacking. In every Spanish textbook, they should add a chapter or at least a page on how to efficiently get a haircut in a Spanish speaking country. It’s difficult when your only vocabulary is ‘estilo’ (style), ‘corte’ (cut), and ‘más/menos’ (more/less). However, as you can see, it looks muy chileno y está de moda (más or menos).

I’m not a big fan of fashion, so this may be one of my rarer topics. More to come about Chilean customs and practices!

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