Writing Opportunity: The Abroad Guide

Attention fellow travel writers and bloggers! There is an amazing travel writing position hosted by The Abroad Guide going on right now.

The Abroad Guide is a blog I follow that is a billion times more beautiful than mine. Its cover banner is so pretty; I want one. Not to mention, it has subscription letters and a load of interesting, very informative articles.

Though the blog always accepts input from its potential partners and writers, the powers that be are specifically advertising for a contributor who has studied, lived, or worked abroad to write for the spring of 2014! You start January. 2 articles minimum per month is your quota. Up for the challenge?

They are looking for someone who a) can write guides on popular destinations for “study abroaders” and travelers (especially about Australia, Asia, ands South America), b) is able submit their entries on time, and c) has a personable and fun writing style. If this sounds like you – Apply!

Your application sent to [[email protected]] should include

1) Some info about yourself (specifically about your abroad life, where? when? possibly why?)

2) Links to writing samples (personal blogs count, but from others sources would be preferred)

3) Links to social media for promotion i.e. Twitter account or Facebook page and/or your personal blog

4) Creative potential post titles (*four of ’em) that you would want to write

The application needs to be sent by January 1st, 2013 (It says this on the website, but I assume they mean 2014). Get to work! It’s unpaid, but the promotion that they will give is unimaginably amazing!

I’m not applying, so that is one less person to compete with (not that I’d get the spot). Though, I bet you have some amazing travel tips up there that would put mine to shame. I can’t wait to see what you have to write.

For more information, go straight to the article linked here: Calling All Writers – Apply To Be A Spring Contributor For The Abroad Guide. My article is a summary, and the actual one should answer any residual questions. However, if you are slightly perplexed about this opportunity in anyway, The Abroad Guide wants you to ask in the comment section of the original article for clarity. Good luck and happy travels!