Why I Love Vancouver

What can I say about Vancouver?

The Place 

Vancouver’s landscape is amazing. It’s the perfect mix of sea and sierra. Where else in the world can you see harbor seals play by the docks then fifteen minutes later take a gondola to a scenic, coniferous mountain top? There are probably a hand full of locations I don’t know about, but Vancouver has to be at the top of the list. The coastline is available with all the fun activities that come along with it. You can surf, kayak, paddle board, swim, and jet ski along the waterways. Of course, you can hike, zip-line, and fish in the inland too. Vancouver is endless.

That is just to mention the natural environment of Vancouver. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan, diverse hub of Asian, Canadian, and traditional aboriginal cultures full of museums, trendy eateries, shops and events all year round. One famous example is the UBC (University of British Columbia) Vancouver Anthropology Museum, which is a renowned, educational attraction for students and visitors. Enjoy a trip there, and then explore the neighborhood and parks around it for great food and sites afterward. Vancouver is a perfect mix of metropolitan and mountainous.

There is so much green here! I love it! The city is encompassed by forests and mountains. It’s so relaxing to have
such natural surroundings juxtaposed with a bustling urban environment. Skyscrapers and pines are my favorite
combination. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

The Academia

It seems like the perfect place to receive an education. Notably, this region is home to UBC Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Victoria. Surrounded by rough terrain and tide, drowned in foreign influence, and home to some of the brightest young, international minds, this area is a hotbed of inspiration. Study, work, and play all using the fantastic public transportation available (discounted for students).

The Food

Anywhere you turn in this city, good food is found. Whether it is in food trucks, hole in the wall pubs, or trendy cafés, there is a variety to be munched on. Asian influence abounds here; I don’t think I’ve eaten so much chicken karaage in my lifetime. So much of the products produced are locally sourced, and most seafood is Ocean Wise (Vancouver Aquarium) approved, so anyone can eat the great bounty that the sea offers relatively guilt free!

At a festival in Lonsdale (North Vancouver), I ate some great Salvadoran food. This is a pork pupusa, fried yuka, salsa, and slaw. A pupusa more or less is a tortilla stuffed with cheese and meat. It’s apparently a staple in el Salvador. I was super tired, but I am so glad I went out to get one.
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or on their website. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

The Culture

The people are friendly. The energy of the city is young, sporty and vibrant. There are festivals and concerts every season, and native heritage abounds in this place. For example, UBC Vancouver is built on the ancestral, educational land of the Musqueam people. True to the standards of the Musqueam, the university holds its students to the same values of the original residents. The campus additionally contains cultural centers such as those of the native Canadians. Appreciation and celebration of all peoples are visible in this city. This is no surprise since there is so much diversity in Vancouver. Foot traffic from Alaskan cruises and general tourism may be a reason for this. People come here from all over, fall in love, and stay here. I may be one of these unlucky, enthralled people.

I’m going to miss Vancouver. British Columbia is a brilliant place. Its highest most regions excitedly touch the sky, and the locations at sea level are buzzing with a mixture of different cultures, attractions, and languages. I think it’s absolutely fabulous here. I hope to have some sort of future in this beautiful combination of cosmopolitan and country. It may be for education; we’ll see if I’m lucky. It’s back to the Midwest for now, then off to Peru. I hope to return here someday, but right now, it’s time for adventure.