Where There Might Be Dragons

Planning a school trip is really hard! My friend and I are the upcoming heads of the diversity club at our school and are planning a huge service, spring break trip for next year to somewhere in Central America.

Image source: Author: K21edgo, Wikimedia Commons 

We are doing our preliminary planning with Where There Be Dragons for a few reasons; the biggest being my friend went with this group to Cambodia last year and heavily endorses them. I’ve looked at a few other organizations (which there are millions of!), but with a mixture of my friend’s enthusiasm and research, I more or less have been won over by Dragons.

However even with an organization this reputable, stream lined, and safe, let’s just say that it’s still c-o-m-p-l-i-c-a-t-e-d to pre-plan these things especially when you want your school to endorse/ facilitate it. The vetting process is going to be a extensive and long. What’s sad really is that even if we accomplish this feat, I won’t be able to go! I’ll be away at a semester school, which means my partner in crime will have to live it up down south for the both of us.

More information to come about our trip, Where There Be Dragons, and my briefly mentioned semester school. Stay tuned! For more information about Where There Be Dragons, follow the link under “Go Away” labeled Where There Be Dragons.

*Be warned, the trips are a little expensive, but my friend says they are life changing.

**Extra points to the readers who know which country’s flag this is. It is the one we will most likely go to.