What Should I Pack?: A Summer in Chile

Chile is such a long country, why does it have to have so many climates? Since I don’t know my Chilean summer host family’s location yet, I have no idea really what to pack. All I know is that wherever I go, it is going to be cold. For northern hemisphere readers, June – August is summer, but for everyone below the equator, it’s winter.

I know that I’ll need to pack a jacket not hawaianas (if you read my previous post, you’ll know what I’m talking about), but that’s all I really know so far. If I’m in the north, in a city like Valparaiso, it will be a nice, cool climate. If I’m in Santiago, the central capital city, I will need a thick skin and even thicker jacket, and if I am placed on the end of the earth in Tierra del Fuego, I’m going to freeze no matter what I pack.

There are some great articles on the National Geographic Travel website that I have linked below. They are worth looking at whether planning a trip or just curious.

How to Pack for Trips from National Geographic

It’s from 2012, but it’s still informative: The 10 Rules of Packing by Aric S. Queen

An oldie, but a goodie from 2009: Packing for a Big Trip by Norie Quintos

This one is more about staying healthy while traveling, but it’s still interesting: How to: Stay Healthy on the Road by Annie Fitzsimmons

Case in point: Packing is going to be essential. I have been reading up on tips and recommendations for Chile and travel in general, so I will be prepared for whatever AFS throws at me.

Let’s hope these articles were as informative to you as they were for me! More soon …