University Eh?

It’s not the best picture of Vancouver, but it works. I am going back to a port city like where I was born. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

I have been accepted into the University of British Columbia Vancouver! That’s right. I am planning on going to school abroad beginning fall 2015! My friend joked at this fact since it is Canada, America’s neighbor, but Canada is abroad. Some Americans do not really consider it a different country, but I am sure I will be reminded that it is certainly not in the U.S.A. when I begin living there … Damn you metric system!

I have hinted about this school before, but never got the courage to actually disclose its name. I thought it would be bad karma. This school has location, programs, and a mindset, which just click with me. In youth vernacular, I dig its vibe.

I hope to pursue Geography (Human Geography and Geographical Biogeosciences) and Linguistics at this institution: equally probing and wonderful topics of study. They both quench my love of the natural sciences and human culture. Of course, I will be sure to take the requirements that lie ahead and indulge in some electives.

I said 2015 was going to be a big year. Did you not believe me?

More to come about backpacking and this new educational commitment. I cannot wait for both. This has been a good few weeks. A Chewonki admissions representative just stopped by, and it was great to see her again. Ok. I have to go; I have to begin applying for a study visa.