The City Within the City: Chicureo, Chile

I’m leaving Santiago (sort of). I will not be in Huechuraba as I previously understood but in a location called Chicureo. Chicureo is in the very north of Santiago and apparently functions as its own little city. My host mother described it as ‘the city within the city’, even more so than Puente Alto, which is actually a commune that was enveloped by Santiago quite recently. One of my host sisters told me that it is basically like living in America. This worries me slightly since I want to be living, well, in Chile. She showed me on google maps what looked like a suburban paradise, much like my previous home in the south. From what I learned online and what my family/AFS has told me, Chicureo sounds pretty nice … as did Puente Alto, and San Miguel. I’ve heard this before; however, we have a family and school set up. This potentially means that I will sojourn no more in Chile! Let’s hope third time’s the charm – if not, to Santa Cruz (out of Santiago).

Let’s see what Chicureo is like. A suburban, American paradise or a northern Puente Alto? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more information on my new, incepted city.