Prepare Yourself: It’s Going to Be Chile

I’m itching to go! I travel to Chile with AFS in mid June (which is soon) and return in mid August. However, I am still without a host family or even host city! Chances are I’ll be somewhere near Santiago, but no one really knows the future, besides witch doctors.

*Image source: Author: Skopp, Wikimedia Commons 

Host city or not, I have started packing. I plan to use my amazing Waypoint 65 backpack made by Osprey. I have had this backpack for about three years, it’s been to South America before, and is so spacious: It’s perfect for this adventure. I also am bringing my FUBU backpack from the COEX Mall in South Korea. It’s broken, so I will have to patch it before I go, but I have time. It’s perfect for Chile especially since it’s compact and stylish; I hear Chileans enjoy the finer things!

So far in my Osprey bag, they are just two sweaters, two pairs of pants, and some of my home town, baseball memorabilia as gifts for my nonexistent host family. I can’t wait to really get packing, it’s one of my favorite aspects of traveling. You are forced to put your identity into a bag (or two). These contents will represent your essence for how ever long your journey takes you, and if you’re lucky, the they will change as you do. I get sentimental when I travel …

More to come about Chile, Packing, and my Host Family (if I ever get one)!