Los Angeles Part I: City of the Creeps I Call My Friends

"L.A. is not a city, but a loose conglomerate of areas united under a single name. I believe it is ruled by feuding warlords." - PintsizedPioneer
Clockwise from the top left: Chinatown, Santa Monica Beach, Natalie derping, and Venice Beach skate park (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

Chinatown: I preferred Ktown personally. It was a mix of Korean and Spanish! My paradise! Chinatown was great too though. My friend Nat accompanied me through all of L.A., and we wandered into Chinatown for boba tea and cheap goods. We got lost many times coming and going from this famous neighborhood. I also left my headphones at the boba tea place …

Santa Monica Beach: Another Chewonki friend drove us (Natalie and I) to this beach, but we really didn’t swim. We waded in the water then watched our bearded chauffeur friend get called “Starbucks” by the beverage order taker for buying a stereotypical girly iced drink. We also met up with a guy that lived in my cabin. Ranch for life!

Venice Beach: People can skateboard! Holy shit! Some little kid was going ham! Ah! How is he already more accomplished than me in life?! He is like seven.

Also, drug paraphernalia! Everywhere!

Those two facts are unrelated.

Part II is on its way.

My friends have some awfully fun standardized testing to do in the morning, but then we are going to party. I think I saw a lot of L.A. today, so now I should get to know it for its substance. You know? What makes L.A. tick so to speak. I can’t wait.