Go Exploring: Adventures Cross-Country (ARCC)

The world is waiting. Adventures Cross-Country, formerly Adventures Rolling Cross-Country hence the “R”, provides summer programs for teens, GAP years for graduates, and custom programs for all, both international and domestic.

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“Adventures Cross-Country, the world leader in teen travel, combines leadership and adventure activities with a variety of fun and educational activities including community service work, cultural immersion, language immersion, marine biology camp, outdoor adventures, and many other teen trips. These aren’t your typical summer camps for teens!

Our teen trips are adventures of a lifetime, allowing a unique teen travel experience with purpose.” – ARCC Website

Personally, I have done two ARCC trips: one to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands and the most recent, to the Dominican Republic. I am currently an ARCC Ambassador, someone who advertises and shares their ARCC experiences to the public and I highly encourage anyone who reads this to at least look into ARCC’s programs.

ARCC offers a wide arrange of trips all over the globe from Fiji to Peru. ARCC divides its programs into three types: Service Adventures, Language Immersion, and Multisport Adventures. Obviously each specializes in different fields and are for, of course, different people, pursuing varied interests.

Located on the island of Santa Cruz, the Charles Darwin Research Station conducts studies on everything Galápagos.
(Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

My Galápagos trip was Global Action, a type they have now omitted, and pertained to the act of shark finning. We interviewed park service officials, met with the famous Sea Shepherd fleet located on Santa Cruz, and spoke with local students about their opinions and notions on the subject. Our trip leaders were both intelligent environmentalists.

One actually studied in the Galápagos, and the other was a photographer with an impressive résumé. By the end of the trip, we comprised all our findings into an old-fashioned, independent documentary. Though ARCC doesn’t have this exact trip anymore, they still do go to Ecuador and the Galápagos. I assure you – the islands are a must see.

A coastal restaurant in the DR we went to during one of our final days.
(Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

My Dominican Republic trip was a Service Adventure. We worked with locals in schools and camps, traveled all over the island, and relaxed in the mountains and on the beach after tiresome days of construction. It was ARCC’s first Dominican Republic trip and it was definitely a success in my opinion.

My Spanish had improved since Ecuador, which allowed me to communicate with the locals. I still keep in contact with my Dominicanos through social media. However, knowledge of Spanish wasn’t a prerequisite since our qualified trip leaders were both bilingual and capable explorers (there usually aren’t language requirements for ARCC trips).

Like all ARCC trips, accommodations were fantastic. The food was also great. We got to sample the wide array of Dominican cuisine, which roots come from Africa, Spain, and even India. It was community service in what seemed liked paradise.

ARCC is a wonderful company with strong ideals that is devoted to broadening the minds of tomorrow. Whether surfing in Costa Rica or riding elephants in Thailand, ARCC delivers in accommodation, food, and especially their leaders.

They are traveled students, wise nomads, and world explorers from all walks of life. Don’t be fooled though, all program leaders are qualified and devoted to their “kids'” education and safety. ARCC is great for young adventurers (even for kids just going into high school), and I highly recommend starting out with them. Most of their trips are under a full month, so homesickness is never really a concern (they even allow you to call home at certain times), but why would it be?

With ARCC you’ll always be having fun, doing good, and learning so much about the world. Take the next step, enroll today!

Call 800-767-2722 or For more information follow the link under “Go Away!” labeled Adventures Cross-Country (ARCC). This will take you to ARCC’s main website.

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