Fund These Farmers: To Ladakh

In previous posts, I mention a magical woodland fairy that I met in Maine who taught me a priceless amount about the world and myself. I may have also spoken of a quintessential mountain man whom I lived with in a yurt for about a week.

If not (well), they do both exist, are beautiful together, and could use some help funding a grand adventure to a spiritually rich and surprisingly fertile region in Southern Asia.

Caitlin is well known for her field trips and intimacy with the Chewonki Neck. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

My mentors/friends, Caitlin and Jason, could use some love getting to Ladakh (Northern India) in order to learn traditional farming practices, be of service, and in their words, “create cultural connections and build solidarity between rural people in Maine and Ladakh.”

Their master plan is to return to the Pine Tree State, use what they will have learned after two years to build a school to spread their newly acquired agricultural knowledge, and ultimately, teach others how to live more responsibly.

I can vouch that these two are great teachers/scholars, transcendentalists in the non-pretencious sense, and resourceful; if anyone can make all this happen, it is this pair.

I have total faith in them. I commend and support their cause and endeavor.

You should too.

In order to donate to their fund, follow this link to Living in Ladakh

And, to stay updated on their progress, follow this link to Jason’s blog (which also includes posts to when he lived and taught in Armenia): The Land of Apricots

End 2014 doing a little good. Support two deserving people that want to shape the world for the better. The thought of Caitlin and Jason together makes me reminisce about Chewonki and the connections I made there.

I am even more pumped to be heading to NYC for the Chewonki reunion next week. I am sure I will not be the only one excited and nostalgic for Caitlin, Jason, the Salt Marsh Farm, Sunrise Cabin, the tufted titmice …