Czech-ing In: Change of Plans?

So far, I have had no luck regarding WWOOFing in Sweden. Poor me.

Honestly, I think it is my fault. I spoke with one or two farms, but no agreements were made. I think I am not approaching the application process/conversations formally enough. Let that be a lesson – be polite and professional with everyone at all times.

I still do want to go to Sweden (desperately), but I think I may join another country for WWOOFing: Czech Republic. It is an open-minded nation to which I have never been, full of a rich history of political division, the visual arts, and literature. Who doesn’t love Franz Kafka? It is situated in eastern Europe, and a native, partially Slavic friend of mine has requested my company on a fantastic odyssey back to her fatherland, which just so happens, will make a rest stop in Prague.

I may have mentioned before my personal opinion that, dare I say, I disdain the stereotypical idea of “teenagers backpacking around Europe after their senior year of high school”. However, my friend has personally asked me to join her in a quest from Amsterdam, Netherlands to her home in Dubrovnik, Croatia. How can I refuse?

Though everything is still in the works (and by typing this, I am probably jinxing all of the group’s future arrangements), the crew’s current plan is to start in Amsterdam, Netherlands, travel to Berlin, Germany, stop in Prague, Czech Republic, move south to Vienna, Austria, pass through Slovenia (no idea where in the hell in this little country we would stay), and then finally arrive by the sea in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

I will be in Ireland with my family in early June, so I could get to the Netherlands after we go our separate ways in Dublin – right around when my friend and her companions would be starting their trek. In this liberal capital, I could meet up and begin the adventure with everyone at the same time.

I would travel with this eclectic group of five until Prague, break off from the others, farm in the Czech Republic, and then rejoin my friend later, south in Croatia. I met this fine Miss at Chewonki, and we are just super compatible. If we do this, I cannot wait and we are sure to have a lot of fun/bonding.

Whatever unfolds, I am still going to apply to WWOOF Czech Republic. It is close to Croatia, so after my experience, I could theoretically visit my friend anyway for a few days before flying back to the United States. I think Sweden’s Scandinavian siren song of sublime landscape and culture lured me in preemptively; before I could really consider other locations in Europe.

Nevertheless, I have the same criteria for all my desired farms regardless of destination. I am looking for animals, beautiful landscape, and some accessibility to a “populated area” (a town perhaps). That may be a lot to ask for; I don’t know.

Wish me luck with the Czech Republic – let’s see if I benefit from this strategic change in application submission.

I will be sure to update y’all about any developments regarding this backpacking venture as well. Onward! To New York for New Years (a Chewonki reunion) and later – to Ireland! Things are happening.