Coming This 2018: Adventures Await!

Ooh. So, the year has definitely started. Sorry I was not able to do the Hermosillo Instagram tour that I wanted to do. Long story short: northern Mexico is very closeted, and people flake. La vida sigue.

Now, I am back in Vancouver from the hot and lovely Sonora, Mexico, taking 6 courses to my usual 5, which is making blogging and living extra fun.

This photo is not Vancouver, but Bella Bella in the summer. Oh. How I miss it! However,
weather right now up north is … tricky to land a plane in. That is all I will say!
(Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

The weather is dreary, cold, and wet. Vancouver winter is definitely the toughest season to accept here. But, the summer, oh, the summer!

For that reason, let us look into the future for what fun is coming! Without further adieu, I am here to ring in the new year with the exciting adventures that are in store for 2018:

Firstly, we are off to a new region … Scotland!

My sister recently began her PhD at the University of Edinburgh. So, I am going to see her after maybe three years without being in the same city, so get ready for one jam packed week of touring this ancient Scottish city. Scotch eggs, Scotch … Fried Mars Bars?

In addition to my sister, out of total coincidence, a multitude of friends will be in the city and region simultaneously including Croatian goddess, Nina (who attends school there as well) and many UBC friends who are studying abroad in the region as well as Chewonki and Project Tikkun homies! Others include British and Scottish locals who will certainly provide their own takes on this awesome destination.

Next up after returning to Vancouver, I will be headed back up to Bella Bella in July for more collaborative work with the Heiltsuk First Nation. Located on the central northwest coast, I have been in correspondence with the community centre there and with band members in the lower mainland for the past year or so, working on getting language materials online for learners.

This summer, the FNEL group returns up north for more work and likely recording sessions with Elders!

Finally, the next major trip this year will be:

Europe? Somewhere.

Yes, I understand that Scotland is also Europe … but, I am still waiting to hear back from the GoGlobal office to figure out my placement for my year abroad 2018-2019! Perhaps, Extended Europe is more accurate to say.

My choices, as a recap, are Lund, Sweden, Glasgow, Scotland, and Dublin, Ireland – in this descending order of preference. I should hear sometime in February or March, so get ready for some incoming news any day now! Positive as always, of course.

And, no matter where I end up in Europe, you can be sure I will be doing a little traveling around the continent regardless. Topic destinations on my list: Morocco, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, and Belgium.

Why those places? Time will tell!

If more news and updates are to arise, I will be sure to post, tweet, and gram what’s good! Excited for what is to come and new opportunities that will follow.