“Camping” in Chile

It’s winter; I am not actually camping. I’ve been more or less couch surfing at my American friend’s house. It’s kind of funny actually. I haven’t been to Chicureo, my actual, AFS designated home stay, in about four days.

In this time, I have regressed back into my American ways, slightly. I went to Applebee’s because I needed to calorie load and I have been speaking off and on English since my AFS friend doesn’t speak much, if any, Spanish. However, my Spanish hasn’t gotten worse (I don’t think). I’ve met some people at parties, and for the most part, they can understand me. However, our conversations always devolve into English partially as a result of the fact that they can all speak it with fluency. Lucky me!

I discovered that this family’s nana (where I’m staying) is una aficionada de K-Pop (K-Pop fan), so I have been teaching her some Korean. One night we went though the alphabet, and it was hell! I was speaking Spanglish (Spanish – English), while going over a language I’m not even super comfortable with. I couldn’t speak any language clearly for about a hour afterwards. Not to mention, instead of sí (yes), I’ve been saying 내 (nae/yes in Korean) for the past day or two. This worries me a little because I want to learn more languages and I am already mixing the ones I know up!

Right now, I’m back in Chicureo. We are about to leave for a Fútbol game, so I’m here “temporarily” again. It’s definitely different to be back outside the city. Also, a Catholic priest will be taking my room tonight (I know right?! awkward), so I have to bunk with my host brother. It’s not the welcome I thought I’d be receiving, but I guess it serves me right for not returning for a few days.

Things are … back to the way they were. My sabbatical/vacation from Chicureo is over, but I am determined to get back to the city as much as possible. Let’s see how this mission goes!