Before I’m Dead

The link below is a fun little quiz of 100 places to visit before you die. I didn’t make it, but to whoever did – Bravo! They picked some diverse places from all over the world. Some obvious ones include the Great Wall of China and Petra, but there are some that are very cool and much less traveled. For example, the Tain Tan Buddha and Sagrada Familia (a cathedral) – I, at least, have never heard of them.

I scored a 12, so I have only seen about 10% of this list. That just means I have more traveling to do. I am excited. I have some new places I need to see now. White cliffs of Dover anyone?

I’d love to see where you’ve been and your scores too! The comment section is always open.
I have some trips in the making, but so far nothing concrete. However in a  few months, I will be traveling north in the United States for a little spring semester excursion. More to come about that and possibly a trip to Europe! Safe travels and tip your waiters.