¿Aló?: My Home Stay Call

Today I had my first, real conversation with my host family. It is Father’s Day in the U.S., and they too were preparing for a celebration. Our conversation was about ten minutes – all in Spanish. For me, they spoke faster than I am used to, so there were many “otra vez”s and “repite por favor”s on my part.

I got to speak with my host mother and brother, whom I already chatted via Facebook, and I was introduced to my host father for the first time. It was great to hear the voices behind the names even if it was just through a telephone call. Either way, I left the call excited, gleeful, and a little confused, still translating sentences in my head. I definitely got my point across – even if through broken Spanish – and am even more ecstatic to go in a few days.

Although I didn’t understand everything they said in Spanish, I am still pumped for Chile. That is why I am going: To learn (in every sense of the word). All I can say right now is, “bring it on!” I’m ready – ¡Vamos al Chile!

More to come about Chile, my Host Family, and my Spanish Endeavors! ¡Hasta Pronto!