AFS Chile Pre-Depature

Anxiety and excitement are surprisingly similar to each other. I am lucky enough to be an exchange student this summer in Chile with AFS, but right now it IS spring, so it’ll be a while until I leave.

After a long, complicated application, an interview, and a few weeks of waiting, I was accepted by AFS USA and AFS Chile only a little while ago (you need to be accepted by both in order to go). I am doing a home stay study program and currently awaiting the first half of my description: a home to stay in.

Image source: Author: AFS Intercultural Programs, Wikimedia Commons 

I was accepted early by Chile (about a week after AFS USA), so I am hopeful that my family information will come soon; however, my amazing AFS coordinator and overall go-to information woman knows that Chile can take a while to get back to you.

However, since Chile accepted me earlier than usual, I hope I might be an exception to this stigma. I could be notified tomorrow or at the latest, 2 weeks before I leave, which is in early June! Patience is a virtue, but excitement is pretty hard to contain. The wait goes on. More updates to come about Chile, AFS, and my upcoming host family!

If you are interested in AFS and want to get involved, whether be a host family or get hosted, follow the link under “Go Away!” labeled American Field Service (AFS Intercultural Programs USA).

*The link has been changed to a page of the same name, close to the top of the page.