A Wonderful Introduction: Vancouver Food Trucks

Upon arriving in Vancouver, British Columbia, my family and I partook in a food truck festival in full swing. Food trucks ranged from nutritional juice carts to fancy curry cars. It was a little expensive (not a huge surprise), but the sights and smells of the circle of trucks were intoxicating and worth it.

I think beautiful structures were being created here from scraps of metal and tires.
I believe you could buy just the unconstructed shrapnel as well. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

Some of the best features of this event included a zero waste initiative, scrap metal art, live music, and a visual sampling of organic gardens. It brought me back to my days at Chewonki.

I’m not sure if whoever was making this art will be around for the whole summer. They rotate attractions perhaps? I would love to see what is coming up next. The trucks individually can be found all over the city of Vancouver, but they will converge at this place, 215 West 1st (close to the Olympic Bridge), every Sunday until August 31st. It runs from 12 – 5 PM.

Opening day was so busy! Lines were crazy long. People from all walks of life as well as in the spectrum of hipsterdom
were in attendance, and who could blame them? It was the perfect, sunny day to start this summertime event.
(Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

Parking was a zoo, and the place was even more packed! It didn’t feel all too foreign. This could have been the fact that many of the carts accepted American dollars as well as the more colorful Canadian variety. I know it is the egocentric, American thing to pay with US currency wherever you go, but I had no choice. I didn’t have time to exchange it beforehand. I’m sorry Canada!

In the center of the circle of carts laid a smaller arrangement of boxes with wonderful greenery growing within
them. It was a great way to show the event’s promotion of local foods and having a green mindset.
This spectacle was coupled with what seemed like dozens of volunteers who were only there to
direct patrons to their recycling methods of choice. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

It was lovely to see agriculture again. I think I am getting garden withdrawal. I wanted to start tilling or something to help the plants even though it was only like a meter by meter box. This city seems quite sustainable. There is a a lot of public transport (both on land and sea), a desire to reduce/reuse/recycle, and foliage hugs this place like a bear. I like it here.

I dined on some great Japanese inspired takes on fast food from Mogu. What you see before you is an Ebi Katsu Sandwich and some Sweet & Sour Chicken Karaage. It was delicious and the perfect serving size.
Follow @EatMogu on Twitter, on Facebook, or from their website: www.eatmogu.com.
It was worth the enormous line! (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

Overall, it was a great introduction to the city. If all the food in this city is half as good as what I had today, I may not leave. Vancouver is so beautiful too. I saw a seal today! I cannot wait to explore the parks, see a museum or two, and tour some Canadian colleges. Get excited British Columbia because I am!