A Portuguese Crush (The Language)

It looks like Spanish, is spoken in South America’s largest country, and has a lot of words that end in “-ão”. Portuguese is my linguistic femme fatale; however, French isn’t.

Image source: Author: Felipe Fontoura, Wikimedia Commons

I don’t even know exactly what femme fatale means – I hope I used it correctly. Back to the pressing matter, I am already in a committed relationship with Spanish and am going to Chile this summer to learn it. However, there is something about Portuguese that sounds just so … intriguing.

What especially entices me about Portuguese is that the Brazilian and Iberian (European) dialects are so different, but mutually beautiful to hear. Their accents are unique to each other, vocabulary can seem like apples to oranges at times, and apparently the whole mindset of the Portuguese and Brazilians while speaking is different: It’s such a fascinating language!

Of course, this is just speculation – I am studying Spanish, am happy with my commitment, and haven’t done any extensive research on this topic. I don’t want to get into a linguistic affair; especially since I’m leaving very soon for Chile.
I need to become fluent in Spanish before I really commit myself to another language. What worries me is that Portuguese is so similar to Spanish. If I learn Portuguese, I surely would get confused.

More information about how this relationship progresses, Chile and its Spanish, and my other pursuits in foreign language – I have to teach you all some Korean!