Dublin is Dreamy: Exploring the Irish Capital

Finally – a post while I am actually abroad! I am no longer a charlatan travel blogger!

Dublin is the perfect place to get back into the sojourning mood. It is a city filled with classic European architecture but also contemporary culture and social movements. Not to mention, English is spoken (my native tongue) along with a load of other languages as a result of the diverse, urban community of expatriates and deluge of international travelers. It is a quaint capital with a lot of energy. Additionally, Gaelic is littered on every street and road sign, bus, and advertisement as a constant reminder of the nation’s lasting cultural heritage.

Just got into Dublin? Why not go out for a pint (maybe after a little nap) and just go strolling.

I arrived with the image of rolling countrysides and a constant drizzle of rain, but Ireland right now is neither. It is Sunday night, a perfect time to go the pub, and the weather couldn’t be better. Downtown Dublin is a network of larger municipal streets and skinny alleyways, lined with welcoming bars and restaurants ranging from the traditional pub food to fusion cuisine from Asia and the Mediterranean.
(Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

I will be heading to the west for more natural scenery, specifically to the Dingle Peninsula, which a waitress at a Tapas bar here told us (us as my family and myself) is just amazing.

I cannot wait to do some hiking, but I throughly love this city. I find it perfectly livable mostly because Irish public transport is live and well.

We had some issues getting into the city centre. Driving on the left side of the road is definitely a challenge.
But, it was a pretty drive at least. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

When you arrive in Dublin after the most simple customs you could ever ask for (at least speaking from someone coming from the United States), be prepared for the friendliest populous you’ll have the pleasure to meet for a long time.

Bump into someone in the pub, it’s okay; you’ll get a smile and a pat on the back. Are you lost? You’ll have to beat the Irish off you to stop getting advice and help. And, let’s not forget that all of these exchanges are executed in the famously sexy, welcoming, and charming Irish accent! Conversation is encouraged.

Last time I checked, people did vote yes! Yay!
Ireland is simply lovely for all. (Photo credits by PintsizedPioneer)

Temple Bar, located in central Dublin, is a great first stop for visitors. Street musicians, delicious corner bars, and a strangely large quantity of police (Garda) call this strip home. Even at 5 o’clock PM, the pubs are full with music and (of course) people enjoying themselves with a bit of alcohol.

The River Liffey runs through Dublin and is hugged by a collection of bridges including the historic Ha’penny Bridge. Temple Bar is located on the southern side/ shore.
(Photo credit by PintsizedPioneer)

An easy trip through customs, sharing a pint, and a lot of walking, so far Dublin has exceeded my expectations. The weather, a balmy 50 degrees Fahrenheit with sun, I fear has given me a skewed image of this nation’s climate and cityscape. Nevertheless if the rest of Ireland is even a fraction as charming as Dublin has been, I may have to move here. Here’s hoping; Cheers!

Tomorrow, we are going on an organized pub crawling with an Irish literature theme (I know – what?) as well as more of the same, unorganized wandering. Then, we are heading to Galway! We have a glorious week ahead of us. Stay tuned!

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